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    Piano Tuning Never Sounded So Good.

    Would you like your piano to sound GREAT?
    Fred Smith is a professional piano technician whose passion, talent, and ability are second to none. After Fred tunes your piano, your home will be concert ready.

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    Professional Piano Tuning.

    You've made a significant investment in your piano; you can't afford to have it serviced by an inexperienced piano tuner.
    Fred Smith, RPT has more than 30 years of experience and is certified by Bösendorfer.

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    We Love Diversity.

    The world would be a boring place if everything was the same. Own a Kawai? Steinway? Yamaha? No problem! Fred Smith has the experience to tune any brand.


What We Do

From tunings to repairs, Fred also travels to various cities throughout Arizona.

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Simple Scheduling

We are flexible with your schedule. Early morning and evening appointments available upon request.

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Our Experience

Schools, churches, hotels, professional musicians, piano teachers, and more. Find out why Fred Smith, RPT is a leading piano technician in Arizona.

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News & Events

August 2010 - New Website

We launched our new website.


July 2010 - Gift Certificates

Now offering Gift Certificates. Purchase a tuning or repair for someone. Call today and we will send this gift in the mail! 480-834-1045


August 2011 - New Dreamweaver software


Full Service Piano Care

Quality, professional, friendly, and proven over 30 years. That's hard to beat.

Let's be real - sometimes it's hard to find a trustworthy and reputable person to do service work of any kind. Call any A/C repair guy in the phone book and you're gambling to see if he'll even show up at your house. Good quality, professional work can be hard to come across because too many people don't want to put the time and effort into doing it.

Piano Tuning by Fred Smith, RPT is not like the rest of the guys out there. Fred Smith is committed to serving each customer with excellent care, and won't give up until you are satisfied. Having been in the industry for several decades, he is aware of the competition and also knows that price isn't everything - service is. Don't risk wasting your hard-earned money on inferior service when he'll get it done right the first time.

Fred Smith's reputation for quality, professional, and reliable work follows him throughout the state of Arizona. A graduate of Yamaha's "Little Red School House," he is also the only piano technician in Arizona certified by Bösendorfer. Experience, training, and a hard work ethic brings success - and brings you a service that you'll be proud of.